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The Forecastable business has evolved over the better part of a decade into a fully-managed services organization, backed by world-class talent and investors.

The Power Behind the Platform: Meet Our Leadership Team

We believe collaboration is key. That’s why our platform is built and guided by a team with a proven track record of success in co-selling. Get to know the minds behind the movement.

Dave Govan

Chief Executive Officer

Alex Buckles

Product, Partnerships, and Value Engineering (Co-founder)

Jenelle Friday

Customer Success

Paul Johnson

Chief Technology Officer

Adrian Miele

Director of Advisory Services

Mollie Bodensteiner

Revops Advisory

How We Differ

The First Partner Co-Selling Methodology + Certification Ever Created

  • Officially Distributed via Partnernomics & University of Central Missouri
  • Co-Sell Certified Sales Leader Certification Offered via Communities like Pavilion
For more information on our available certifications, by role, please email certifications@forecastable.com

100+ Global Go-To-Market Consultants Ready to Serve

Certifications achieved through Forecastable’s Referral Partner Program or Certified Co-Sell Advisory program.
Please email advisory@forecastable.com to learn more.

Managed Software & Services Provider (MSSP)

Whether leveraging Forecastable’s fully or partially-managed co-sell program offerings, all technology and service providers required to stand up, execute, and scale your co-sell program can be purchased on a single contract.

Unique Up-Market & Down-Market Expertise & Offerings

  • Forecastable’s CEO was a 6x CRO. He served companies ranging from venture-backed startups to $500M+ ARR organizations with oversight over global revenue functions, including partnerships involving complex & worldwide distributors and resellers.
  • Forecastable’s founder has nearly two decades of enterprise sales expertise, particularly in SaaS. also grown two professional services organizations, deploying co-selling strategies in both scenarios, with both leading to eventual exits. His life’s passion is serving those on the autism spectrum through his organization, Pathways for Autism.

Flexible Enterprise & Startup Financing

  • Enterprise: Whether you want to finance your partner program to spread out risk, normalize partner spend, or to add more MDF fuel to your partner machine, we’ve got options for you. Your CFO will love you for it!
  • Startups: Let us become your partnerships department. Forecastable has all of the strategies, tactics, and technologies you need to operate a fully-functioning partner program, including partner managers, partner operations personnel, and ops-level sales assistants.

Co-Marketing &
Co-Selling Expertise

While Forecastable is the market leader in co-selling, it has partnered with a network of other organizations for best-in-class partner marketing services.
Whether you need to tell better-together value stories at scale, simple partner webinars, or complex partner ABM campaigns deployed, it can all be done on a single Forecastable agreement.

Our Founder’s Latest Insights

Blogs on Sales Reps & Sales Development

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*Double, Triple, and Quadruple* Your GTM Dollars Through Partners

Market Development Funds (MDF) used to get a bad rap (covered below), but when deployed properly and productively, they’re critical for efficiently expanding into new markets or segments. Although it may sound obvious, MDF are funds specifically allocated to developing markets. This can take shape in many forms, like events, sponsorships, advertising, or any marketing […]

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Frequenty Asked Questions
on Forecastable Use Cases

Forecastable’s Managed Services can be utilized to facilitate improved collaboration and execution amongst Account Teams, Partner Teams and Marketers through a number of Use Cases. Please find answers to frequently asked questions about our Use Cases below.
Any Business-to-Business Company that needs to improve collaboration and execution with external or internal teammates.
Forecastable provides a Managed Services offering where Consultants known as Advisors use our SaaS technology either for or with your team members to drive better execution in Accounts and Opportunities across Teams. The Platform has an Open API to integrate with your CRM as well as other third parties such as Crossbeam or Reveal for their Account overlap data.
A Forecastable Advisor is a Fractional Management Level Consultant sourced by Forecastable on a Project. They host and lead recurring meetings to facilitate collaboration & execution. They deliver objective and invaluable coaching, guidance and oversight. Sales Admin level resources known as Alignment Specialists work full time to schedule meetings, update information and provide reports.
Users of Forecastable can be either Forecastable’s Advisors and/or your Reps, Partner Managers, CSMs and other related Team members

#1: Sales Reps Co-Selling alongside one or more Partners

#2: Sales Specialist Teams Co-Selling

#3: Partner Recruitment / Expansion Coordination 

#4: Global Account Team Coordination

#5: Enabling Start Up Sales Reps to perform Up Market Selling

#6: Partner Revenue Scale Up for Startups

#7: Market Development Funds Partner Activity Facilitation & Monitoring

Increased earnings from closing more Accounts/Sales. Increased collaboration contributes to more Wins. Project Admin Resource frees up time obtaining Updates / Status Reporting. Ability to share relevant information across CRM Systems. Receive Coaching from an objective 3rd Party Advisor. Better Account/Opportunity/Customer Org visibility across Teams. Increase Skill Level by using Enterprise Selling Workspaces / Coaching. Improved Visibility of Account Overlap. Improved Visibility of Contact Overlap and obtaining warmer Introductions.
Users of Forecastable can be either Forecastable’s Advisors and/or your Reps, Partner Managers, CSMs and other related Team members.

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