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*Sourcing Revenue from Large SaaS Partners:* A Strategic Guide

Forging strong partnerships has emerged as a cornerstone of success in B2B, but the market demands not just innovation in products and services, but also strategic alliances that can extend reach, enhance offerings, and ultimately drive revenue. Let’s dive into the art and science of sourcing revenue from large SaaS partners, offering a compass for […]

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*Sales Managers:* Winning Partner-Involved Deals Through Situational Tag Teaming

Knowing how to leverage partners to win deals opens the door to endless opportunities. As a sales manager, fine-tuning the tag-teaming approach – strategically choosing which partners to bring in and why – can significantly impact your sales cycle. Being on the front lines lets you see how wins happen across the organization, build relationships […]

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*The Secret* to Partner-Sourced Revenue: Stop Focusing Solely on Sales Reps as Referral Partners

Stop Focusing Solely on Sales Reps as Referral Partners When organizations go to market to source partner revenue, they often focus on engaging the partner’s sales team. They’re thinking about how to get them to refer business, or how to ensure they recognize and communicate their value proposition without having to ask them. This fixation […]

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*Tactics* for Turning Fluffy Partner Meetings Into Revenue-Focused Conversations

Fluffy conversations, or as our CEO at Forecastable calls them, “squishy” discussions, lack what’s needed to push the needle forward and drive results in partner relationships. These conversations often hover around general inquiries about progress, with responses like “things are going well.” The partner managers then make broad assumptions about what ‘going well’ means. However, […]

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