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Direct-Selling ROI is Crashing & Burning Right in Front of Our Eyes

Co-Selling Should be a Top Priority for Every B2B CRO

But most don’t know where to begin. Forecastable’s turnkey services can build, manage, and scale ANY co-sell program, no matter how big or small your co-sell aspirations may be.

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The Secret is Out

The co-selling movement is happening TODAY and some of the biggest brands in the world are doubling down on their partnership strategy as a result.

Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian tells CRN about his channel goal to attach 100 percent of customer engagements to a partner, while also touting ‘zero channel conflict’ in the sales field.

“We’re truly doubling down on working with partners in service of our customers. We want to continue to grow co-sell with them and help them transform our customers together”

“PARTNERS KEY TO $1 TRILLION OPEN HYBRID CLOUD MARKET” – “There are industries where partners will have that last-mile knowledge for us. And most of those partners probably need our platform and success to bring software innovation to industry. So it is a phenomenal opportunity for us.”

Rodney Clark: Corporate Vice President of Global Channel Sales and Channel Chief at Microsoft – “The fastest-growing partner segment is expanding at 140%, according to Clark. That group, in addition to pursuing specializations, invests in digital sales via cloud marketplaces, emphasizes partner-to-partner engagement and participates in Microsoft’s Co-Selling Programs”

Karl Fahrbach – Chief Partner Officer at SAP – “The flex co-sell model already accounts for roughly 70% of SAP’s indirect revenue. It’s catching on very, very quickly. I feel that the alignment has never been better with our partners.”

What Industry Experts Say

Partnerships contribute an average of 28% of overall company revenue for high-maturity companies

Most global companies are now actively considering the ecosystem business model given its value-generation potential: growing the core business, expanding the network and portfolio, and generating revenues from new products and services. The integrated network economy could represent a global revenue pool of $60 trillion in 2025 with a potential increase in total economy share from about 1 to 2 percent today to approximately 30 percent by 2025

84% of executives say ecosystems are important to their strategy of disruption

Why Co-Selling?

  • Lower CAC
  • Shorter sales cycles
  • Increased deal sizes
  • Higher LTV
  • Decreased churn
  • Maximize NRR

When sales teams, from two or more companies, combine forces to close deals as a unified front.

Co-Selling Problems

If not executed effectively, misaligned sales motions between co-selling partners lead to frustrated and indecisive buying groups (slipped deals, no decision, etc.).


Forecastable’s co-selling services align partner sales teams in ways never before achievable, without adding administrative burden.

Communicate and collaborate on joint deals, without having to become a partner co-selling expert.

We know how sales reps think and work. All they want to do is work deals and that’s what we let them do.

Let us worry about co-selling structure and process.

Co-Sell Gating:

Strategy & Activation

Streamline co-sell partner activation, delivering faster revenue and tighter partner vetting before introducing to the field sales team.

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Co-Selling as a Service

Let Forecastable’s team manage the co-sell process, so partnership and sales pros can focus on what they do best. Learning by doing is far more effective than training

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Co-Sell Collaboration Platform

Managed services customers can leverage Forecastable’s co-sell collaboration platform at no cost, fully integrated with your favorite CRM and other technologies (i.e. Crossbeam, Reveal, etc.)

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