Commsor Signs Strategic Alliance with Forecastable

Professional Network Data + Partnerships Data =

Increase Revenue

Designed by revenue leaders, for revenue leaders. 

Forecastable Managed Services

Improve B2B Sales Execution
and Collaboration

across teams delivering higher sales results without the burden of learning and using additional technology. 

We combine our services and technology with your existing technology investments to provide unparalleled insight into what’s really happening in accounts & opportunities, removing “blind spots” that contribute to failure. 

Maximize ROI 
From Your Existing Tech Stack

To meet the challenge of doing more with less, we offer both a fully-managed/outsourced service as well as a hybrid model, which is a combination of managed services and self service.

Our Services ensure further ROI is realized from your current tech stack: i.e. CRM, Clari, Gong, Crossbeam, Reveal, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

How It Works

Welcome & Alignment with
your Go to Market Strategy

Customized Service
for your Needs

Deploy and Introduce
Client Resources

Facilitate Recurring
Team Meetings

Deliver Recurring
Performance Reports

Welcome & Go-to-Market Strategy Alignment

Configure Sales Collaboration & Monitoring Platform

Introduce & Deploy Execution Resources

Weekly or Bi-Weekly Performance Reports Delivered

Program Resources Adjusted Based on Actual Performance

Our Technology

Outcome #1

Achieve peak pipeline volume by surfacing co-selling opportunities to your sales team
Overlap Data Powered by:

Common Challenges

Below-Average Pipeline

Not achieving optimal pipeline by leveraging partner network

Lack of Preparedness

Lack of partner account intelligence and advocacy

Sales Plays

Sales reps don’t know what plays to run with each partner and why

Outcome #2

Achieve unparalleled win rates by systematically building consensus across an informed and decisive buying group

Common Challenges


Without alignment on “who’s who in the zoo” and individual stakeholder-conversion plans, there’s risk


Without a unified plan as a unified front, the likelihood of a slipped deal in forecast increases meaningfully

Communication Silos

Most deal communications are scattered between email, messenger, and call recordings

Outcome #3

Introduce partner-involved sales-cycle predictability through tightly-aligned joint mutual action plans (Co-Sell Plans)

Common Challenges

Stalled Sales Cycles

Not all slipped deals are preventable, but the lion’s share are

Limited Visibility

No visibility into co-sell deal activities outside of basic CRM data

Unreliable Forecasts

It’s not the field’s fault. There’s not a school for this stuff. Well, until now

Expected Outcomes


Assurance the GTM Strategy & Sales Process is Followed

Cross-Company Collaboration

Account Planning & Opportunity Execution

Communication & Visibility

Upskilled Sales Execution (mid-market & enterprise)

Real People, Real Results

Perfect for Long, Complex Sales Cycles

“At Interos, our typical sales cycle is about four to six months and involves anywhere from five to fifteen+ people.
We know that it is critical to have well-thought through close plans as well as a strong understanding of who our buyers are in terms of support and influence.
Forecastable not only helps us to think through all of the steps and all of the people involved in a simple and easy-to-use approach, but also allows us to crack how well our teams are using and getting value from the platform”
Vice President, Sales Strategy & Operations

Org Mapping & Planning

“I love using Forecastable to help with my account plans and keeping up with any org changes. The platform makes it incredibly simple to drag and drop contacts in and move them around the organization.
I also love that I can share my Org Charts with my ecosystem and have them add to them as well. The “Planning” section allows me to break down my organizations even more.
I have saved countless hours since switching from Lucid Chart to Forecastable.”
Global Account Director

Frequently-Asked Questions
on Forecastable Use Cases

Forecastable’s Managed Services are utilized to facilitate improved collaboration and execution amongst Account Teams, Partner Teams and Marketers through a number of Use Cases.
Business-to-Business Companies that need to improve collaboration and execution with external or internal teammates. Training and Enablement alone does not provide sufficient Monitoring and Guidance on Execution to ensure success
Forecastable provides Managed Services where Consultants known as Advisors use our SaaS Technology either for or with your team members to drive better execution in Accounts, Opportunities and Partners across Teams. The Platform has an Open API to integrate with your CRM as well as other third parties such as Crossbeam or Reveal for their Account overlap data.
A Forecastable Advisor hosts and leads recurring meetings aligned with your Go to Market Strategy and Playbook to facilitate collaboration & execution guided by our Best Practices in our Online Workspaces. They deliver objective and invaluable coaching, guidance and oversight. Sales Admin level resources known as Alignment Specialists schedule meetings, update information and provide reports.
Users of Forecastable are our Advisors and Enablement Specialists on behalf of your Reps, Partner Managers, CSMs and other related Team members, extending the reach of your leadership and management teams. Their work can be integrated with your current management team or they can work independently and provide weekly updates.
  • Increased earnings from closing more accounts/sales.
  • Increased collaboration contributes to more wins.
  • Project admin resources free up time obtaining updates and/or status reporting.
  • Ability to share relevant information across CRM systems.
  • Receive coaching from an objective Third-Party Advisor.
  • Better account/opportunity/customer org visibility across teams.
  • Increase individual contributor and frontline manager skills through exposure to our structured process and approach.
  • Improved visibility of Account Overlaps between partners
  • Improved visibility into the professional networks of your board members, investors, advisors, and executives, so your teams can explore Contact Overlaps between partners.
  • Increased revenue through more wins
  • Assurance their Playbook / Strategy is executed
  • Increased Odds of Success / Longevity
  • Receive better intelligence, visibility, and control 
  • Identify issues sooner and take course-corrective action
Users of Forecastable are our Advisors and Enablement Specialists on behalf of your Reps, Partner Managers, CSMs and other related Team members, extending the reach of your leadership and management teams. Their work can be integrated with your current management team or they can work independently and provide weekly updates.