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Revenue-Team Collaboration Platform

Systematically win more deals, on time

In collaboration with your partner ecosystem, through collaborative account planning, relationship mapping, tightly-aligned close plans, and partner playbooks.

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Strategic Partnerships: Co-Selling Framework

It’s one thing to form a strategic partnership. Making the most of that partnership, through your field sales organization, is the hard part. With a little bit of ecosystem overlap data and a whole lot of structured co-selling, magic can happen between strategic partners.

In this 30-minute webinar, you will learn:

  • How to leverage your strategic partner overlap matrix to plan and enable co-sell motions.
  • The pillars of partner account intelligence and advocacy (before co-selling).
  • When to create co-selling playbooks for sales and when to avoid it.
  • How and why you should leverage co-selling “plans” for every sales scenario that matters.
  • The three levels of strategic partner motions and when to leverage them.
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New Partnerships:

Vet, Activate, and Scale Partnerships Through Co-Selling

Partnerships are forming faster than ever before, which is great, but they’re difficult to activate and even harder to scale, effectively and systematically.

In this 30-minute webinar, we will cover:

  • Vetting new partnerships through mutual customers.
  • Required activities BEFORE co-marketing.
  • Partnering with a purpose: measurable value for reps.
  • When to leverage partner account intelligence & advocacy vs. when to align and co-sell.
  • How sales reps should plan for and execute co-sell motions to ramp & scale new partnerships (and how partnerships/enablement can help).
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What is a Revenue-Team Collaboration Platform?

The power of your entire partner ecosystem and their relationships in the palm of your hand.

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Why Forecastable?

B2B Co-Selling is the Future

We’re connecting B2B revenue teams in ways never before achievable; breaking down decades-old barriers in one fell swoop.

This isn’t just software. It’s an ecosystem, connecting all B2B ecosystems.

Sales Rep Self Service Ecosystem

Leverage your partner ecosystem

Relationship Mapping & Collaboration

So you not only win more deals

Structured Co-Selling & Partner Plans

But on time, with tightly-aligned co-selling

Real-Time Co-Selling Across Any CRM

Forecastable Impacts Every Revenue Role

It’s not just about sales teams. Partner teams leverage forecastable to create partner maps and partner plans. Customer Success leverages Forecastable to create customer maps and customer success plans. Marketing can leverage Forecastable’s first-party deal data to drive stage-appropriate communications, uniquely relevant per stakeholder.

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