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How Does Forecastable Drive Revenue Acquisition and Retention?


The earlier you start a sales cycle, the earlier you can close it. Push enriched LinkedIn contacts into highly-personalized outbound cadences, in SalesLoft or Outreach, in seconds; not hours.


Sales teams now have the bigger picture in mind, at all times, with our easy-to-use, drag-and-drop buyer maps. Once Closed/Won, it’s then transitioned into a customer map for that warm handoff to Customer Success.


Completely control your sales cycle through to a successful close with evaluation plans (close plans). Then, easily transition to a customer success plan to systematically drive renewal revenue.


From lead to customer renewal, Forecastable empowers traditionally-siloed revenue teams to collaborate in real time on accounts. Sales, marketing, and customer success are finally aligned.


Partner co-selling hasn’t seen innovation in the last decade, until now. Go to market with a purpose and a plan. Win more, together, by collaborating in real time around key accounts to drive meaningful partnerships.


Stop forecasting from analytics tools and start forecasting based on deal-specific insights. Have faith in your own commits again and be in the know on deals, as a manager, without being too far in the weeds.

Easily Visualize Key Stakeholders for More Effective Account Planning

Very few reps take the time to visualize their stakeholders because it’s too time consuming. We’ve made it easy to build buyer maps in minutes, as opposed to hours.

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Collaborate with Your Partners & Prospects on Close Plans

Without a plan, complete with milestones, target dates, and owners, you’re setting yourself up for a slipped deal at best. Better control the sales cycle by collaborating on timelines and activities. 

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Make Account Research Faster with Information-Rich Account Feeds

With easy access to 8-K, 10-K, 10-Q, and earnings call transcript information, you will always be in the know and can conduct account research efficiently and effectively.

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It'll only be a matter of weeks before your entire sales org is up, running, and proficient.
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“This platform has made it much easier for my team to identify and triage risk in deals, which allowed us to quickly determine which deals were getting off track. “

Chief Operating Officer

“Throughout my career, I’ve been forced to use a lot of tools. Because Forecastable actually adds value in my day to day, I adopted it quickly and love it!”

Enterprise Account Executive

“Forecasting is always challenging. This platform has helped me improve my forecast accuracy and provide more meaningful coaching to my reps.”

Vice President, Sales

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