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    *B2B Sales Reps:* A Guide to Keeping Partners from Wrecking Your Deals

    The fear of a partner “screwing up your deal” is a common one for sales reps. While partners can bring expertise, resources, and reach to your efforts, a mistake can quickly unravel all your hard work. This concern is valid. Bringing any new human – partner or not – into a deal adds risk. For […]

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    *B2B Partnerships:* Why They Should Matter to Sales Reps

    Understanding the value of business-to-business (B2B) partnerships is crucial for your sales reps. Often, when thinking about partnerships, fears and concerns come up. Questions about deal management, partner spend, and the overall impact of having somebody else involved in the deal can lead to a spiral of negative thoughts. However, these fears are valid only […]

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    *Visualizing* Your Customer Infrastructure

    Visualizing Your Customer Infrastructure: A Clearer Path to Success Imagine this: you hold a magic key that unlocks a hidden chamber overflowing with riches.  For customer success professionals, that chamber represents the untapped potential within your customer’s IT environment. But without a map, navigating this complex digital landscape can feel like venturing into a maze […]

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    *Sales Preference:* How to Know When Someone is a Supporter, Opponent, or Neutral and Where to Concentrate

    In the complex sale, generating group consensus is the name of the game. This means the goal should always be to definitively determine who’s in your corner and who’s not in your corner, so you’re taking the appropriate actions. A misdiagnosis here will almost certainly result in unwanted surprises down the road.  If someone’s in […]

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    *The Secret* to Partner-Sourced Revenue: Stop Focusing Solely on Sales Reps as Referral Partners

    Stop Focusing Solely on Sales Reps as Referral Partners When organizations go to market to source partner revenue, they often focus on engaging the partner’s sales team. They’re thinking about how to get them to refer business, or how to ensure they recognize and communicate their value proposition without having to ask them. This fixation […]

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