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    *How to Arm Yourself with Information* to Successfully Sell to Public Companies

    Sales reps should get excited when they see a public company listed on their named account list. Why? Because these companies are required by the SEC to produce quarterly and annual reports and must be transparent about the health of the business. Oftentimes, they openly discuss their growth challenges and upcoming corporate objectives; all of […]

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    *How and When to Leverage a Mutual Action Plan,* Close Plan, or Evaluation Plan

    One of the biggest problems sales reps have to consistently face is forecasting an accurate close date and making sure that the deal actually closes on or around that exact date. It’s not easy and requires in-depth planning and project management skills to consistently deliver closed/won opportunities on time. When you break it down into […]

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    *Buyer Map 101:* The Value of Visualizing Prospect Relationships as Part of Your Account-Planning Process or Deal Strategy

    What is a Buyer Map? A buyer map, which can also be called a relationship map, is a visual representation of every possible stakeholder or influencer that might somehow impact the outcome of your deal. It’s basically an org chart, but with much more meaningful and actionable data for a sales person. What kind of […]

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    *Customer Success Managers:* How to Systematically Drive Revenue Retention (Renewals)

    What is the Mission of Customer Success? According to The Customer Success Association, the mission of Customer Success is “To increase sustainable proven value for both the Customers and your Company.” That mission is spot on, from our perspective, but what does it take to achieve that mission? It’s actually fairly simple, conceptually: With this […]

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    *Double, Triple, and Quadruple* Your GTM Dollars Through Partners

    Market Development Funds (MDF) used to get a bad rap (covered below), but when deployed properly and productively, they’re critical for efficiently expanding into new markets or segments. Although it may sound obvious, MDF are funds specifically allocated to developing markets. This can take shape in many forms, like events, sponsorships, advertising, or any marketing […]

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