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*Partner-Sourced Revenue Tactic:* The Account-Development Play

In the world of SaaS and services partnerships, one of the most-effective strategies for sourcing revenue and extending your salesforce, without additional internal costs, is by running account-development plays. Whether you’re a services partner looking to attract sourced revenue from SaaS partners or a SaaS company aiming to leverage partners for more-comprehensive account-development, this approach […]

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*Systematic Category* Domination for Anchor SaaS Companies

Definitions: Anchor SaaS Company: SaaS provider with a large ecosystem of both service and technology partners. Supporting Partners (SaaS/Services/Hardware): Any partner or category of partner who’s critical along the ideal customer journey the Anchor SaaS Company has defined. The route to SaaS success (systematic revenue acquisition, retention, and expansion) has become a collaborative journey, involving […]

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*Double, Triple, and Quadruple* Your GTM Dollars Through Partners

Market Development Funds (MDF) used to get a bad rap (covered below), but when deployed properly and productively, they’re critical for efficiently expanding into new markets or segments. Although it may sound obvious, MDF are funds specifically allocated to developing markets. This can take shape in many forms, like events, sponsorships, advertising, or any marketing […]

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