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*B2B Partnerships:* Why They Should Matter to Sales Reps

Understanding the value of business-to-business (B2B) partnerships is crucial for your sales reps. Often, when thinking about partnerships, fears and concerns come up. Questions about deal management, partner spend, and the overall impact of having somebody else involved in the deal can lead to a spiral of negative thoughts. However, these fears are valid only […]

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*The Five Stakeholder Types in Sales* That Can be Opponents or Blockers (and how to overcome them)

In the complex sale, there are typically about five stakeholders on average and sometimes many more. Every stakeholder comes complete with their own experiences, biases, and aspirations; each of which will have an impact on your deal. It’s pretty easy to spot your biggest supporters, but can sometimes be very difficult to spot your biggest […]

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*Proper Account Planning:* Winning the Outbound Cadence Personalization War

In this account-based selling world we live in, there’s this massive demand for personalization because prospective buyers want to know that you understand their individual needs; not just their company’s needs. I’m not telling you anything new or earth shattering with that statement. However, the bar for personalization gets higher by the day as prospects’ […]

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