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*Sales Managers:* Winning Partner-Involved Deals Through Situational Tag Teaming

Knowing how to leverage partners to win deals opens the door to endless opportunities. As a sales manager, fine-tuning the tag-teaming approach – strategically choosing which partners to bring in and why – can significantly impact your sales cycle. Being on the front lines lets you see how wins happen across the organization, build relationships […]

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*Tactics* for Turning Fluffy Partner Meetings Into Revenue-Focused Conversations

Fluffy conversations, or as our CEO at Forecastable calls them, “squishy” discussions, lack what’s needed to push the needle forward and drive results in partner relationships. These conversations often hover around general inquiries about progress, with responses like “things are going well.” The partner managers then make broad assumptions about what ‘going well’ means. However, […]

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*Frontline Sales Managers* How to Know Which Partners Can Help or Hurt Your Team’s Deals

As a frontline sales manager, your team’s success can hinge on your ability to identify partners who can make or break your deals. The best way to gain this insight is through the experiences and observations of your sales reps. They know which partners stand out as valuable assets and which pose barriers to closing […]

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*B2B Partnerships:* Why They Should Matter to Sales Reps

Understanding the value of business-to-business (B2B) partnerships is crucial for your sales reps. Often, when thinking about partnerships, fears and concerns come up. Questions about deal management, partner spend, and the overall impact of having somebody else involved in the deal can lead to a spiral of negative thoughts. However, these fears are valid only […]

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