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Revenue-Team Collaboration Platform

Power Growth for your Entire Partner Ecosystem

Identify, accelerate, and win co-selling opportunities.

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Drive Partner-Sourced Revenue Growth

Peak Pipeline Volume

Surface co-selling opportunities to your sales team across all your partners.

Common Challenges

  • Not achieving optimal pipeline by leveraging partner network.
  • Lack of partner account intelligence and advocacy.
  • Sales reps don’t know what plays to run with each partner and why.

Unparalleled Win Rates

Systematically build consensus across an informed and decisive buying group.

Common Challenges

  • Not methodically working power and influence.
  • Misaligned deal stages across co-selling partners.
  • Most deal communications are scattered between email, Slack, and Teams.

Sales Cycle Predictability

Through tightly-aligned sales motions.

Common Challenges

  • Elongated sales cycles (not in sync with partner).
  • No visibility into co-sell deal activities outside of basic CRM data.
  • Inconsistent forecast predictability (reps).

Partnership Co-Selling Blueprint

Avoid “Random Acts of Partnership” by vetting, activating, and scaling partnerships through structured co-selling motions. This simple blueprint will help you prioritize your partnership efforts to drive the largest revenue impact.


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