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Co-Sell Partner Strategy & Activation

Executing co-sell partnerships is expensive

(you’re already spending the $$$)
  • Costly Unstructured Meetings
  • Unnecessary Launch Delays (no timing pressure)
  • Inconsistency in Activation Process Across Partner Teams
  • Misaligned Partner Expectations
  • Poor Sales Enablement and/or Engagement (distractions)

The Best Co-Sell Programs

  • are chosen for a measurable purpose (ROI)
  • fly or die quickly — time is money
  • help sales reps retire quota
  • don’t add administrative burden to the field sales org
  • produce closed/won revenue for all partners involved
  • are highly predictable
Don’t leave this to chance.

Common Use Cases for Leveraging Forecastable's Co-Sell Strategy & Activation Service:

Existing Partnerships:

Requalification and/or Realignment

  • Have honest, data-driven conversations with current partners
  • Tactfully stop investing in relationships that aren’t producing
  • Double down on those that are producing with structure and focus
  • Increase production in the short term, while aligning on the long term

New Partnerships:

Co-Sell Gating

  • Be selective and more intentional about new partnerships
  • Eliminate sales-team distractions
  • Spot winning/losing partner motions faster, enabling better GTM investment decisions
  • Introduce predictability into your partner forecast with absolute confidence


$5,000 Onboarding Fee + $3,000 per co-sell scenario activated.

Minimum Commitment: 5 Partners and/or Co-Sell Scenarios

Co-Sell Strategy & Activation

Co-Sell Scenario Identification

Make data-driven decisions on what co-sell scenario(s) to focus on with each partner

Co-Sell Revenue Projections

Calculate the serviceable obtainable market (SOM) for each co-sell scenario

Co-Sell Asset Suggesting & Organizing

Suggest and organize assets that drive co-sell deal-stage progression

Co-Sell Opportunity Qualification Review/Build

Review and/or build your joint opportunity qualification methodology

Co-Sell Plan Development (close plans/mutual action plans)

Create a co-sell scenario/partner-specific joint mutual action plan (co-sell plan)

Co-Sell Playbook Development

Craft and deploy useful playbooks for sales reps to follow in the field without adding administrative burden.

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