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Selling is OVERCOMPLICATED and buyers DISLIKE salespeople.


Selling is a REPEATABLE PROCESS and buyers VALUE sales professionals.

Sales ManagementSales Reps
June 11, 2021

Sales Preference: How to Know When Someone is a Supporter, Opponent, or Neutral and Where to Concentrate

In the complex sale, generating group consensus is the name of the game. This means the goal should always be to definitively determine who’s in your corner and who’s not…
Sales Reps
June 11, 2021

Account Research Best Practices in Mid-Market and Enterprise B2B Sales

Account Research is all about answering the question, “Does this account have a need for what we’re selling and to what extent?” The best B2B sales reps in the world…
Sales ManagementSales Reps
June 10, 2021

The Differences Between Decision Process and Paper Process in B2B Sales

Many sales organizations leverage the MEDDPIC sales qualification methodology. For those that don’t, it’s:   Metrics Economic Buyer Decision Criteria Decision Process Paper Process Identify Pain Champion   The two…

Best tool for mid-enterprise account planning. Forecastable has created an all-in-one place to collaborate with leadership and partner account executives. It’s also helped us collaborate with clients on established milestones, target dates and mutual objectives throughout the sales cycle.


Not sure how I got by without this! SO MUCH easier and faster to add new contacts into Salesforce (and Salesloft). Building buyer maps is so easy and is hugely helpful in identifying decision makers and hierarchies as you plan your messaging across the org.




Reduce Administrative Burden

Tired of spending hours updating Salesforce? Manage and update all of your opportunities (opportunity name, close date, amount, and next steps) from one single screen and have those updates push to Salesforce & Clari in real time.

(FREE for your extended team!)

Enable Deal Team Collaboration

Communicate and collaborate with your SDR/BDR, Manager, Solutions Consultant, Solutions Engineer, Architect, and field co-selling partners right in your buyer map and have those communications push to Slack in real time.

Drive Pipeline Creation

Whether it’s you or your SDR/BDR executing your outbound strategy, you can now execute with absolute precision and ease. Pull contacts directly from LinkedIn, enrich them with ZoomInfo data in a single click, organize them into their appropriate roles (for segmentation & personalization), then push them to your favorite sales engagement platform (Outreach, Salesloft, etc.).

Empower Systematic Wins

Always be in the know on who’s in your corner (supporter), who’s not in your corner (opponent), who has authority and influence (power), and where you’ve got executive alignment in place so you can make more informed decisions every step of the way.

Deliver Timing Predictability

Tired of having to explain slipped deals or just having surprises in general? Create, manage, and report on evaluation plans, sometimes referred to as mutual action/success plans, close plans or trial plans, using prebuilt templates.

Deliver Real-Time Account Intelligence

New 8Ks, 10Ks, and 10Qs are automatically loaded directly into Forecastable so reps are always up to speed without having to spend time searching for this information.

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