Problems with not having the right Sales Acceleration Platform

Not all sales acceleration platforms are the same

LIMITED Collaboration
  • Do not allow for collaboration with external co-selling partners
  • Do not integrate to the communication platforms (i.e. Slack)
  • Too complex = low adoption
Pathetically-SLOW Implementation
  • Take months to implement and even longer to train and drive adoption
  • You cannot afford to wait
Embarrassingly EXPENSIVE
  • Lack pricing transparency
  • Price their customer, not their technology
Do NOT Drive SDR Efficiency
  • SDRs are essential pieces to the puzzle

To maximize your sales acceleration, consider…

There are five MAIN reasons to consider Forecastable

1 LEADER in Collaboration

Forecastable enables internal & external deal team members to collaborate on accounts with buyer maps (maps out all the purchase decision makers and influencers) in a shared environment, plus more…


  • Make notes on a “buyer map”
  • Sends an instant Slack notification to team – nothing slips through the cracks

External Partner Co-Selling

  • Invite external services or technology partners (Collaborators) into the mix
  • Co-sell in real time
  • Establishes true co-selling “partnership” with accountability & transparency

You can invite external services or technology partners (“Collaborators”) into the mix to co-sell alongside you in real time (at no extra cost). This establishes a true co-selling “partnership”; complete with accountability & transparency.

Full Comment Searching & Filtering

  • Intuitive and useful data entry
  • Reps enter significantly more information than traditionally entered in CRM because the process fits naturally into their day to day and is convenient.
  • Reps and leadership can hone in critical information in seconds

Full Rich Text Editing

  • Add styling, paste images, and copy and paste entire emails into comments in the buyer map

2 BEST at Buyer Mapping

Forecastable has typical org chart functionality, stakeholder support & decision status, as well as stakeholder profiles. However, Forecastable stands out with several unique features.

Drag & Drop Buyer Mapping

  • Drag & drop your contacts (from LinkedIn) onto a canvas to form a buyer map
  • Contact includes a profile photo, name, title, location and notes
  • Easily identify influencers, final decision makers, and economic buyers, then strategically engage the correct contacts or groups to secure the sale

Stakeholder Support Status

  • Visually indicate whether a stakeholder is an evangelist or an opponent
  • Rally the positive influencers, while converting or isolating the negative

Buying Groups

  • Organize contacts into “buying groups”
  • Have multiple reps (i.e. overlays) working the account at the same time, without stepping on each other’s toes

3 FASTEST Time to Value

Unlike alternatives that offer NO trials and have 3-4 month deployments, Forecastable has leveraged best practices around usability and performance–drastically reducing the time to value.

  • NOT built natively inside a CRM platform
  • Standalone platform
  • Deeply integrates bi-directionally with existing CRM
  • Easily switch CRMs in the future – no workflow limitations
  • Does not require a separate license to collaborate

Personalized on-boarding & in-app training

  • Built-in guided walkthroughs for all major features
    • Reduces your learning curve

User-Behavior Incremental Refinements

  • Constantly monitors how users are using the platform, through analytics
  • Helps development rapidly & continuously improve usability

One-Hour Trial Turnaround

  • Your entire sales team up, running, and working in a trial environment in less than an hours
  • Full deployment takes days and weeks (not several months)

4 LARGEST Partner Ecosystem

Alternative sales acceleration platforms only provide remote direct sales and support. They do not have local partner representation.

  • Includes highly-skilled regional and local service partners that are experts in the product
  • Offer local support, as well as training and integration
  • Many include sales methodology expertise & coaching sessions
    • Helps your team leverage the tool and dramatically increase major account sales

5 Only Platform to Also Drive SDR Efficiency

The ONLY Sales Acceleration tool that also helps generate and manage leads

  • Source contacts directly from LinkedIn
    • Find stakeholders of interest
    • Add meaningful notes
    • Automatically push them into your CRM outbound tools
    • Save countless hours to source & document prospects
      • No more tedious copying from the screen
      • No more pasting into spreadsheets
      • No more manually importing them to your CRM

Automated Email Enrichment

  • Matches name and company against a 100+ million email database
  • Verifies email & drastically reduces data entry time

Contact Role Assignment

  • System allows you to assign your contacts a functional role
    • You sell to roles, regardless of titles (i.e., sales leader (Director or VP Sales), marketing practitioner, operations, etc.). Ensures proper segmentation for sales AND marketing to leverage
  • Much easier to deploy highly-personalized and relevant communications

After months of working the account you hear the news… “We’ve decided to go with your competitor.” 

Upon internal tears and postmortem review, you “get it”

  • Your competitor knew the IT director at a former company, he had mapped the entire organization and knew exactly who had the most influence (including the final decision maker)
  • He knew more stakeholders and gathered more requirements–finding “hot buttons” you hadn’t even considered
  • He collaborated internally and leveraged tips from their internal app engineer–who supplied a white paper to address a critical issue
  • He moved so fast he avoided all political camps

You felt like Top Gun, when Maveric nailed you before you even got out of the clouds…you were totally outmaneuvered!

The worst thing–your product was far superior–you just didn’t have the tools to work the account.

Fortunately, you discovered (too late) the other team used a tool called Forecastable. But NOW you know… ”this” won’t happen again!

Another deal comes in, only this time all jets are engaged. You quickly mapped the organization, isolated the influencers and decision makers–including “The Commander”

You collaborated to divide and conquer within your team–your remote rep has already scheduled lunch with their 2nd office.

You gathered requirements like a hen gathers chicks–you identified, scheduled and presented to EVERYONE in one large meeting.

Then you got, “The Call.”  Yep… as anticipated–you locked the deal (just as your dusty competitor went down in flames before they could even engage!).

Life is good!