Sales Managers need to
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Driving sales team success requires a grueling lack of work/life balance because the sales manager must always shoulder the burden.


ANYONE can systematically drive sales team success through process, regardless of methodology, while maintaining balance.

Sales Management
June 22, 2021

Frontline Sales Management: How to Systematically Drive Sales Team Success (with Sales Rep Quarterly Evaluation Template)

A frontline sales manager’s mission is to attain team quota, which is usually a large number that’s split by a team of individual sales reps. If all reps attain their…
Sales ManagementSales Reps
June 11, 2021

Sales Preference: How to Know When Someone is a Supporter, Opponent, or Neutral and Where to Concentrate

In the complex sale, generating group consensus is the name of the game. This means the goal should always be to definitively determine who’s in your corner and who’s not…
Sales ManagementSales Reps
June 10, 2021

The Differences Between Decision Process and Paper Process in B2B Sales

Many sales organizations leverage the MEDDPIC sales qualification methodology. For those that don’t, it’s:   Metrics Economic Buyer Decision Criteria Decision Process Paper Process Identify Pain Champion   The two…

Sales Managers choose Forecastable because they value Sales Certainty; the holy grail of sales management

To achieve this, sales managers must have:

Meaningful Productive Actionable One-on-Ones

Transform your one-on-ones with visuals that enable more productive & strategic conversations without having to reacquaint yourself with deals week after week.

A Consistent Repeatable Scalable Disciplined Sales Process

Sales process is the lifeblood of your team’s success. No matter your rep’s background or prior experience, following the process is simple and doesn’t add unnecessary administrative burden.

Peak Pipeline Volume

Get as many qualified opportunities into the pipeline as quickly as possible with planned and coordinated outbound efforts through your favorite sales engagement platform (i.e. Outreach/Salesloft). Contact enrichment provided by ZoomInfo.

Unparalleled Win Rates

“Winning the Winnable Deals” – Forecastable cannot help if you’re being out innovated or if another product solves your prospect’s challenges better than yours, but your reps should never be outSOLD.

Sales Cycle Predictability

It’s not just about winning the winnable deals. You also need to win them on time, which instills confidence in projected close dates, which leads to forecastable wins and revenue.

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