Features & Benefits

Sales Acceleration Features

Sales Enablement & Collaboration

Team Collaboration

Collaborate and share information with your deal team (internal & external)

Evaluation Plan Collaboration

Collaborate with your prospects to create the best plan of action to complete the sale…on time

Collaborator Tagging

Tag external partners/collaborators in updates & notes so that they are aware of changes.

Opportunity/Deal Coaching

Coach your sales team using real deal insights, based on your evaluation plan, buyer map, and sales enablement strategy.


Tag deal team collaborators in your buyer map so you can communicate and collaborate in real time…and with proper context.

Team View Dashboard

Dashboard for managers and sales enablement to view and understand how the entire team is progressing.

In-Map Collaboration

You can add styling, images (photos, screenshots), and paste entire emails (formatting retained) into comments in the buyer map.

External Partner Co-Selling

Invite external services or technology partners into the mix to co-sell alongside you in real time.

Full Comment Searching & Filtering

Intuitive and useful data entry allows reps and their leadership to hone in on critical information in seconds.

Buyer Mapping

Drag & Drop Buyer Mapping

Allows you to drag and drop your contacts onto a canvas to form a buyer map–each contact comes complete with a profile photo, name, title, and location (plus your strategic notes).

Stakeholder Support Status

Visually indicate whether or not a stakeholder is a supporter (for you) or an opponent (against you).

Buying Groups

Organize contacts into “buying groups” (i.e. business units, divisions, or any other grouping of stakeholders involved in making a purchase.

Opportunity Creation

Source Contacts Directly from LinkedIn

With the Chrome Plugin, you can surf LinkedIn, find stakeholders of interest, add meaningful notes, and automatically push them into your CRM (and Buyer Maps). A sales enablement dream come true.

Automated Email Enrichment

Once you’ve entered a contact, or imported a contact from Linkedin, Forecastable matches the name and company against a 100+ million email database to include a verified email–either at a click of a button, or automatically.

Contact Role Assignment

After import, and before pushing the data into your CRM, the system allows you to assign your contacts a functional role. This sales acceleration feature pays immediate dividends.

Sales Enablement Time to Value

NOT Built Natively Inside a CRM Platform

A standalone platform that deeply integrates bi-directionally with your existing CRM (vs living natively inside your CRM)

Personalized On-Boarding & In-App Training

Includes built-in guided walkthroughs for all major features. This reduces your learning curve, helping you become a product pro in record time, and saving your sales enablement team a ton of headaches.

User-Behavior Incremental Refinements

Constantly monitors how users are using the platform, through analytics. This allows development to constantly improve usability with each system update–it just keeps getting easier to use over time. This also shows your sales enablement team how you’re leveraging the technology.

One-Hour Trial Turnaround

Have your entire sales team up, running, and working in a trial environment in less than an hour. Full deployment takes days and weeks (not several months).

Partner Ecosystems

Highly-skilled regional and local service partners that are experts in the product, offer local support, as well as training and integration for your sales enablement org.

Plus, many include sales methodology expertise by demonstrating examples and holding sales enablement coaching sessions; helping your team to leverage the tool to dramatically increase major account sales.