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Revenue-Team Collaboration Platform

Simple, Powerful Tools to Fuel Growth

Through Co-Selling, Relationship Mapping, Structured Close Plans, and Tightly-Aligned Sales Processes

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Why Co-Selling?

Leveraging your ecosystem increases revenue, net revenue retention, lifetime value and significantly reduces customer acquisition costs.

When sales teams, from two or more companies, combine forces to close deals.

What Industry Experts Say

Partnerships contribute an average of 28% of overall company revenue for high-maturity companies

Most global companies are now actively considering the ecosystem business model given its value-generation potential: growing the core business, expanding the network and portfolio, and generating revenues from new products and services. The integrated network economy could represent a global revenue pool of $60 trillion in 2025 with a potential increase in total economy share from about 1 to 2 percent today to approximately 30 percent by 2025

84% of executives say ecosystems are important to their strategy of disruption

Co-Selling Problems

If not executed effectively, misaligned sales motions, between co-selling partners, leads to frustrated and indecisive buying groups (slipped deals, no decision, etc.).


Forecastable brings all co-selling teams together to communicate, collaborate and operate from the same foundational deal information, regardless of which CRM they’re using.

This results in complete alignment across co-selling partners, which becomes the catalyst for creating an informed and decisive buying group that will not only buy faster, but spend more.

Simple, Powerful Tools

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The Secret is Out

The co-selling movement is happening TODAY and some of the biggest brands in the world are doubling down on their partnership strategy as a result.

Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian tells CRN about his channel goal to attach 100 percent of customer engagements to a partner, while also touting ‘zero channel conflict’ in the sales field.

“We’re truly doubling down on working with partners in service of our customers. We want to continue to grow co-sell with them and help them transform our customers together”

“PARTNERS KEY TO $1 TRILLION OPEN HYBRID CLOUD MARKET” – “There are industries where partners will have that last-mile knowledge for us. And most of those partners probably need our platform and success to bring software innovation to industry. So it is a phenomenal opportunity for us.”

Rodney Clark: Corporate Vice President of Global Channel Sales and Channel Chief at Microsoft – “The fastest-growing partner segment is expanding at 140%, according to Clark. That group, in addition to pursuing specializations, invests in digital sales via cloud marketplaces, emphasizes partner-to-partner engagement and participates in Microsoft’s Co-Selling Programs”

Karl Fahrbach – Chief Partner Officer at SAP – “The flex co-sell model already accounts for roughly 70% of SAP’s indirect revenue. It’s catching on very, very quickly. I feel that the alignment has never been better with our partners.”

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