How It Works

So how can Forecastable Sales Acceleration work for you?

Six easy steps to start

Step #1 – Research Target Account

Get to know your target account by looking at SEC corporate filings (if applicable), website, and public documents, so you can begin crafting your outbound messaging and overall approach.

Step #2 – Identify & Save Influencers & Stakeholders

Search LinkedIn, or Linkedin Sales Navigator, to identify key influencers and stakeholders. Save them to Forecastable directly from LinkedIn.

Step #3 – Functional Role & Contact Enrichment

Assign each contact a functional role (i.e. sales leader, marketing practitioner, C-suite, etc.) and then enrich all contacts with email & direct dial information with the click of a button.

Step #4 – Engage

Begin engaging your contacts through the sales engagement platform of your choice (SalesLoft, Outreach, etc.).

Step #5 – Visualize & Collaborate

Drag and drop contacts into org chart format, which is commonly referred to as a “buyer map”. Then communicate with your internal teammates and external co-selling partners directly in the map.

Step #6 – Control the Sales Cycle

Keep track of all remaining deal milestones, owners, and target dates through the use of “evaluation plans”, which are sometimes referred to as close plans, mutual action plans, or mutual success plans.